About Us

We are specialists in applying technology in innovative new ways to solve real world problems.


Identify a customers problems, plan solutions and prototype designs.


Build robust solutions utilising the latest technology and standards.


Ensure solutions are delivered reliably and consistently to their target audience.


Evolve the solutions based on user feedback and real-world usage.


Find out about The Great Magnet.

We build enterprise products for some of the largest organisations in the world as well as smaller projects for startups- and anything in inbetween.

We are based in Warwickshire, although we try not to let location limit the projects we undertake. Many of our customers are located in London or around the south of England, although we have worked with customers from as far away as South America.

We are not tied to using any specific technologies or platforms- many talented developers from around the globe work for The Great Magnet and are committed to using the most appropriate technology to address each problem.

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Here are some of the services The Great Magnet offers.

Prototyping and Planning

We can help you translate your ideas into prototypes, helping you to further refine and visualise a product.

Application Development

Our talented developers will work closely with you to build robust, scaleable solutions using the latest technologies.

UI and UX Design

We can give your product an incredibly intuitive and responsive user interface with a user experience to match.

Startup Assistance

Get your product off the ground and make sure you're getting the most from your in-house development team.

Project Management

Down to earth project management will help you get your product delivered on time and to the highest standard.

Security and Hardening

Ensure your products and systems are using best practices and are protected against potential attackers.


Here are a selection of the products we've delivered.