Agile Software Development and Consultancy

About TGM

I am a professional IT consultant, developer and enthusiast with almost two decades experience in the industry.
Drop me an email or send me a message on LinkedIn if you would like to discuss a project.


Identify and prioritize features that will bring the most value to a product.


Rapidly build robust solutions utilizing the latest tools, frameworks, and techniques.


Bridge the gap between development and operations to improve service quality.


Continually evolve products and services based on analytics and feedback.


Here are a selection of the services I offer.

Prototyping and Planning

I can translate your ideas into prototypes, helping you to further refine and visualise a product.

Application Development

I build robust, scalable, on-site or cloud based solutions using a mixture of progressive and proven technologies.

Startup Assistance

Get your product off the ground and make sure you're getting the most from your in-house development team.

Project Management

Agile project management will help get your product built on time, lessen risk and increase value.

Security and Hardening

Ensure your products are using the best practices and policies to protect against threats.

Design Consultancy

Cloud based or on-site infrastructure planning and support.


Here are some of the languages, frameworks and technologies I work with.
This list is non-exhaustive so get in touch if you would like to discuss something that isn't listed.

  • Distributed systems developed and deployed onto AWS, GCE or on-premises.
  • Micro-service development with popular frameworks such as Spring and ASP.NET Core
  • Cloud-based big data analytics utilizing technologies such as Hadoop and Amazon Redshift
  • Native iOS, Android, Windows UWP and web application development
  • Containerization and deployment of applications with Docker and Kubernetes
  • ITIL/Agile process implementation and review


Here are a few examples of the various products i've built.

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